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Noctopolis has been around for years now, and even though we all love it, it doesn't look as though a sequel is in the making. Well, I guess it's up to us die hard Noctopolis fans to take the reigns of the City of Night and keep the legend alive.

If at this point you're wondering "What the heckfire is he on about?" then let me explain what I mean. I've provided this page as a base for the biggest possible collection of Noctopolis Fanfiction -- short or long stories based some element from the game. That is, it will be -- with your help.

I'm offering you the chance to share your tales from Noctropolis and have them published on the Web for every Noctopolis fan worldwide to enjoy. For example you might want to write a story about how Sister Mercer got possessed, or a book of confessions as told to Father Desmond. Here are some more example titles to get you started:

Maybe if you write a brilliant sequel storyline or script, Electronic Arts may pick it up and make it into a sequel game! It can happen. A group of fans lobbied against the end of the Quest for Glory series to Sierra and Sierra went ahead and made one last episode! People have power in numbers.

So if you write a story of have an idea for one, feel free to let me know about it by sending me an e-mail at I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Author: Scott Brady
Date Created: 14 Aug 1998
Last Updated: 6 May 2000