Game Walkthrough

Please be aware that this walkthrough is provided as a means of assistance to solving the game. If you do not wish to be told how to finish the game, don't look at this page.

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Shortcut to: Walkthrough Guide, The Bookstore, Main Street, Cathedral, Stiletto's Apartment, Hall of Records, Mausoleum, Cathedral with Succubus, Shadowlair, Bornick Mansion, Sunspire Tower, Cygnus Construction, Greenhouse, Operahouse (1st), Observatory, Operahouse (2nd), Operahouse (3rd), Butchershop, Master Macabre's Maze, Door Puzzle, Dreampark, End of game

Walkthrough Guide

This sections provides tip on understanding terms and notation used in this walkthrough.

The Bookstore

Noctropolis - Main Street


Stiletto's Apartment

Hall Of Records


Cathedral with Succubus


Bornick Mansion

Sunspire Tower

Cygnus Construction


Operahouse (1st Trip)


Operahouse (2nd Trip)

Operahouse (3rd Trip)


Master Macabre's Maze

Door Puzzle


End Of Game

This solution was provided by the Adventurers Club

Author: Scott Brady
Date Created: 1 May 1997
Last updated: